Hi everyone! How’s your week been? I’m back with a new article. This time I’ll tell you about our trip to York, where my boyfriend and I went for a short holiday. Actually, we went there in August already, but that turned out to be a small retreat for me, as I finished there the final project for my MA in Publishing. But we went there one more time so we can explore the city. Are you ready to explore the city with me?

Before I dive into telling you about our second trip to York, I have to tell you about the exhibition we’ve seen during our first stay. I’m a huge fan of Vincent van Gogh and his work, so I couldn’t miss Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience. The exhibition brought his paintings to life in such a unique way. My heart is always breaking for Vincent as he’s never seen the impact his work has had on so many people.

During our second stay in York, we did some proper exploring. When we went to visit York Minster, we visited nearby gardens first. Honestly, if I lived in York, I’d be spending so much time reading there. Then we went inside York Minster. Places like this always make me cry. I just can’t handle so much beauty, and I can’t even imagine how much work and effort people put into building such a place. I find it truly wonderful and magical. York Minster didn’t let me down, and it was even more beautiful than I expected.

After the visit, we went to Betty’s to have afternoon tea. I’m glad we did it, as it was an experience, but I’m not sure that it’s for me. But who knows? Maybe I’ll grow fond of it as I get older.

And who would we be if we missed Shambles? It was the beginning of September, and even though I didn’t get a letter from Hogwarts (again), I had to see the real-life Diagon Alley. I didn’t go into any ‘wizard’ shop, but I got the most amazing loose leaf tea and took a few photos. I wish I saw it empty someday.

The last place we visited was the Museum Gardens. I’m 100% sure that we didn’t see all of it, but I loved seeing plants in full bloom just before the autumn begins. We also couldn’t miss St Mary’s Abbey, and then we relaxed on an adorable bench surrounded by flowers.

I hope you enjoyed today’s article and all the photos. What places in York did we miss? What should we visit the next time we go there?

The next article will be a small haul of books I bought while we were staying in York. Would you be interested in the books my boyfriend pick? He’s more into nonfiction and political topics. So if that’s your cup of tea, let me know!

If you liked the article, I’d be grateful for every like, share or comment. I love chatting with other bookish and travel people!

I hope you’re all well and I’ll see you next week!


3 thoughts on “PHOTO DIARY: York

  1. I’m glad to hear you had a great time exploring York and I can’t believe I never made an effort to explore it. Isn’t York Minster incredibly amazing place to visit. I love the beautiful arches and stained glass windows. Thanks for sharing and have a good day πŸ˜€ Aiva

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    1. Thank you so much! York really is a gem and I believe that there is so much more to it than what we’ve seen so far. York Minster really is a lovely magnificent place. I love going to cathedrals and burning there a candle every time I visit one. It’s a beautiful work of art, isn’t it? And the park/garden nearby is beautiful as well. I’m happy that you enjoyed the article and thank you for the lovely comment. Have a nice day! πŸ™‚ Eva

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