The Christmas Gifts Guide: Children Books & YA

The most beautiful time of the year is here again. It’s getting colder, Christmas markets are in full swing and people are getting stressed about buying presents for their loved ones. But that’s why you’re probably reading this blog post! Don’t worry, today I’ll help you out to choose nice reading for the younger ones.

Picture books

Jon Klassen – Hat Box

Children-friendly and really well-made collection of 3 books by Jon Klassen: I Want My Hat Back, This Is Not My Hat and We Found a Hat, all in one box! It is also possible to buy each book individually.

Judith Kerr – The Tiger Who Came to Tea

A truly classic story that shouldn’t be missing in a bookshelf of any child. Do you know when a child keeps asking you for stories, so you sit down and come up with your own? This story is exactly one of those, and your children won’t be disappointed.

Dr. Seuss – How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

Who wouldn’t know Grinch? And not only the movie! The original story in a written form would be a perfect present to find under the Christmas tree.

Chris Van Allsburg – The Polar Express

And how could we forget about a beautiful story of a boy, who was doubting that Santa is real, so the Polar Express took him to the North Pole to show him the truth? The story is magical, and I’m sure that you’ll love it!

Oliver Jeffers – Lost and Found

Lost and Found is such a gorgeous picture book! It’s a story of a penguin who shows up at the door of the house where a little boy lives. The book also has beautiful illustrations, and it will be an adorable addition to your child’s bookshelf!

Classical stories

E. B. White – Charlotte’s Web

This is probably one of the most adorable and emotional stories on the list. It will make you cry, it will make you laugh, it is just a gorgeous piece of narrative.

L. Montgomery – Anne of Green Gables

Anne is such an adorable and lovable character. She is chatty, and her temperament causes her troubles from time to time, just like every child. Maybe even your children will fall in love with the story and her character!

Sir J. M. Barrie – Peter Pan

Who wouldn’t know this story? Wendy, Peter Pan, lost boys, pirates – this story has everything you could ask for.

Johanna Spyri – Heidi

For me, this is the book that went through my whole childhood with me, and I still love it! Heidi is just such a likeable character, I’m sure you’ll love her too!

Lewis Carrol – Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass

Such a beautifully written story! Follow Alice to the world full of magic and fantastic characters, and let the book make you wonder.

Young Adult

Rachael Lippincott – Five Feet Apart

Two teenagers who fall in love but have to stay a few feet apart because of their lungs don’t work the way they should. This is a great story of all fans of the work of John Green looking for something new, and you won’t be disappointed!

John Green – Turtles All the Way Down

What would a list of YA fiction be without John Green? Dive into the most personal he has written yet, the story of fear, love and friendship, and go for an adventure!

Bruno Vincent – Fairy Tales for Millenials: 12 Problematic Stories Retold for the Modern World

Would you like to return to when you were a small child but don’t really want to read actual fairy tales? Give a chance to these rewritten fairy tales with a modern twist.

Scarlett Curtis – It’s Not OK To Feel Blue (And Other Lies)

Scarlett Curtis and 52 inspirational women wrote down essays and their stories about mental health. Maybe you’ll find there the help and inspiration you need, perhaps you’ll see yourself in one of them. Definitely an excellent book for everyone interested in or struggling with mental health.

Philip Pullman – The Secret Commonwealth: The Book of Dust Volume Two

Of course, we have to mention at least one more YA bestseller. Philip Pullman returned with the second volume of The Book of Dust, a planned trilogy. The Secret Commonwealth is set 20 years after the first volume, La Belle Sauvage. It definitely shouldn’t miss on the bookshelf of fans of fantasy!

And this is it! I really hope that you found here some inspiration for Christmas presents for your children, or sisters, brothers, friends… Do I need to say more? Anyway, if you think this article might be useful for someone else, I’ll be more than happy if you share it.

Which children books are your favourite? Or what are you going to put under the Christmas tree for children?

Hope you’re having a great day and that you enjoy the Christmas time!


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