The best places for readers in Derby

I moved to Derby more than 2 months ago so I had plenty of time to discover local bookshops. To be honest, I found most of these places during the last month but it does not change anything about the fact that I have already bought more than 5 books there. I really love these places because they help me to relax when I feel down or upset. Hopefully, you will like them too.

Derby Central Library

Derby’s library caught my eye immediately when I went to the town centre for the very first time. At the first sight it does not even look like a library. It looks a bit like some church or a small chateaux. It is very interesting that the library was established in 1897 which means that it will celebrate 120th birthday next year. And that is pretty respectable, is not it?


BookCafé is not a bookshop, unfortunately, but it used to be. Its owners remade it into a very nice café with a unique atmosphere. You can still fell (and see) that the place is related to books in some way. I think that this is a great place to stop thinking about your problems. Just relax with your friends, good book and a cup of tea or coffee.



OxFam is one of many charity shops in Derby. Anyway it was a really great surprise when I came in and saw a wall full of secondhand books. You can find here many different genres and various authors. Amazing thing about this shop is that whenever I go there, I find something new or unexpected. For example, I bought there Doctor Sax by Jack Kerouac last week.



Talking about British bookshops, WHSmith is kind of classic. It belongs between the biggest and oldest sites of bookshops in the UK. Interesting fact is that WHSmith are responsible for invention of ISBN book catalogue system.

Aidan’s Books

Are you a fan of fantasy? Do you love books written by Stephen King? Then, this is the right place for you. Aidan’s Books is a small bookshop located in Eagle Market. You can find there many secondhand books but if you want new and cheap paperbacks, you will not be disappointed.

Eagle Books

Once you are in Eagle Market, you should go to Eagle Books, too. It is quite similar to Aidan’s Books but they have more classical books there. What Eagle Books and Aidan’s Books have in common is a large amount of fantasy books and novels. I think that Eagles Books have wider range of titles but I have not bought any book there yet.

Don’t forget that if you go to any of these bookshops, you should have enough time to go through all the piles of books to choose the right one for you.

Thank you for your attention and have a nice day.


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