20 Books to Look Out for in 2020

Well. To begin with, I have to say that the publishing date of this article is a massive failure. It was supposed to go on the website in January, but I just couldn’t make myself to finish it on time. Anyway, I still thought that I might share a list of 20 books (10 fiction and 10 non-fiction) I would like to read this year. Maybe you’ll find here at least some fiction and non-fiction books to add to your to-read list too!


Ann Napolitano – Dear Edward

6 January 2020

I think that a coming-out-of-age novel Dear Edward is a very solid start of our list. 12-year-old Edward is the only one who survives the plane crash and he needs to find the sense of his life again. Will he manage to do so? And who were other passengers on the plane?

Catherine Steadman – Mr. Nobody

7 January 2020

The bestselling author Catherine Steadman who you might know because of the book Something in the Water is back, this time with a gripping psychological thriller. Neuropsychiatrist Dr Emma Lewis is asked to assess a man, who was found on the beach, drifting in and out of consciousness. What will happen when she returns to the town in Norfolk she left years ago? Is it even safe for her?

Liz Moore – Long Bright River

9 January 2020

Long Bright River is a story of two sisters who used to be inseparable, however, each of them took a different path as they got older. Kacey became a drug addict living on the street, and Mickey joined the police. One day, Kacey disappears, and it’s followed by a mysterious series of murders in Mickey’s district. Is she going to find out what happened?

Isabel Allende – A Long Petal of the Sea

21 January 2020

I really felt like I had to add some historical fiction to this list. A Long Petal of the Sea follows a pregnant young widow Roser and Victor Dalmau, brother of her deceased love. To survive, they will get married, even though neither of them wants to do so. The story follows their journey during 1930s, when the civil war takes place in Spain. Will they ever come back home?

Lisa Gardner – When You See Me

28 January 2020

Lisa Gardner, the New York Times bestselling author, brings back to life 3 most favourite characters from her previous books and connects them in a brand new thriller and makes them to solve a murder together. Doesn’t it sound like a brilliant book to read?

Clare Pooley – The Authenticity Project

2 April 2020

How can one small green notebook change someone’s life? Six strangers write into the green notebook their secrets and fears, and their life journeys will cross. The Authenticity Project is a genuine story of friendship, forgiveness and unexpected changes that can appear in a person’s life. How could this miss in my bookcase?

Louise Hare – This Lovely City

7 April 2020

Louise Hare’s debut This Lovely City just can’t miss on the list. The story takes place in London, 1950, when Lawrie Matthews, jazz musician, arrives from Jamaica on board of the Empire Windrush. I just really need to read a good story about love, belonging and hope again.

Frances Cha – If I Had Your Face

23 April 2020

To be honest, I’m really looking forward to reading this story. It follows the lives of 4 young women from South Korea, where having plastic surgery is almost like going to hairdresser’s. This book just sounds so unique and different from everything else. I believe it will make all readers think and wonder about beauty standards whether in their community all in different parts of the world.

Elena Ferrante – The Lying Life of Adults

9 June 2020

Elena Ferrante, the bestselling author of My Brilliant Friend is back, this time with a book called The Lying Life of Adults. Possibly, this novel will today’s female readers how many more possibilities they have in comparison to main characters of the story, living in the 20th century.

Emma Gannon – Olive

11 June 2020

And the last fiction book I mention in this article is Olive by Emma Gannon. The story deals with stereotypes and anticipations targeted at women. However, not all women want to tick all those boxes and Olive is one of them. Honestly, I can’t wait to read her story!


Anne Glenconner – Lady in Waiting: My Extraordinary Life in the Shadow of the Crown

17 October 2019

I know this article is supposed to be about books of 2020, but I couldn’t resist including this gem. There’s no doubt that Lady in Waiting will be an amazing reading for all fans of The Crown, as Lady Glenconner shares the royal history from her point of view as a Lady in Waiting of Princess Margaret. She also shares her personal story, and this just seems like a perfect book for me.

John Tierney and Roy F. Baumeister – The Power of Bad: And How to Overcome It

31 December 2019

This book was published on the last day of 2019, but I still decided to include it within the list as it is one of the books I really want to read this year. The book helps readers to change bad into a good thing and to use the power of bad to improve our lives. Especially, at this time, it might be a brilliant skill to have.

Stephen and Lucy Hawking – Unlocking the Universe

9 January 2020

This is such a beautiful book. You can find there everything you ever wanted to know about the world and beyond. The book by Stephen and Lucy Hawking will teach you more about life on Mars, black holes, genetics, climate changes and you can also discover some conspiracy theories. Plus it is all accompanied by beautiful illustrations.

Anna Wiener – Uncanny Valley

21 January 2020

In Uncanny Valley, Anna Wiener goes back to times when she was working for startups in Silicone Valley. She began her career as an assistant in New York publishing. Since then, she worked her way up to The New Yorker, where she works as a contributing writer. I’m so happy that books like this come out, it’s always amazing to read an inspiring story!

Kate Murphy – You’re Not Listening

23 January 2020

Listen. That’s very easy to say, right? But when you’re talking to someone, are they really listening to you? And are you really listening to them? In her book, Kate Murphy returns to conversations she had with various people. The book explores how listening to people can change our relationships in personal and working life, increase our happiness and creativity and allow us to get to know ourselves better.

Erik Larson – The Splendid and the Vile

25 February 2020

The Splendid and the Vile will make happy everyone who loves to read about history. Larson follows the British prime minister Winston Churchill during the Blitz in his office, meetings and home. I don’t really belong between readers of this genre, but I believe that some of you will love the book!

Blake Gopnik – Warhol: A Life As Art

5 March 2020

I’ve always been interested and admired art. Blake Gopnik put together a complete biography of Andy Warhol, and I really hope I’ll get my hands on it this year. The book is based on archival research and interviews with people who knew Andy Warhol personally. Gopnik traces Warhol’s life back to his early childhood and follows his career journey. I believe this book is one of those we should keep an eye on this year!

Alicia Keys – More Myself: A Journey

31 March 2020

Alicia Keys is one of my favourite artists, so of course I couldn’t leave this book out! More Myself is partly written as autobiography and partly as narrative documentary. The book follows her journey from childhood till dealing with fame and all that comes with it. Has she managed to find out who she really is?

Jonathan Bate – The Poet Who Changed the World

2 April 2020

The Poet Who Changed the World is a biography of William Wordsworth, which will be published to mark the 250th anniversary of the poet’s birth. Jonathan Bate, an award-winning biographer and critic, describes, how Wordsworth managed to change the world and the way we think about it, by his work. Definitely worth reading for everyone who loves literature and would like to know more!

Joe Keohane – Strangers

22 October 2020

Honestly, I’m terrible at talking to people, unless it’s someone I’m really close to or look up to. When I’m supposed to meet new people or talk to someone I don’t know, I have panic attacks. And when I approach someone to talk to them? That’s a miracle! Maybe this book, where Keohane explores why it’s beneficial to us to talk to strangers, will help people like me.

Wow, this was a pretty exhausting article, wasn’t it? Anyway, I hope that you enjoyed my list of books to keep an eye on during 2020 and that you found something you’ll enjoy! Also, I added a few graphics under this paragraph, just in case you’d like to add them to your Pinterest boards. You can also find these on my Instagram.

Have a great day and see you soon again.


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