Book review: Good Omens

Hi everyone! Will I ever come up with some really good opening of my articles without making reading of it feeling awkward? Maybe. I think I’ve said this many times before, but this time I’m really trying to put articles here a bit more regularly. At least once a week, to begin with. What do you think? (Yes, I know, I failed miserably again..) Anyway, I should introduce what today’s article will be about. I bet that all of you remember when Good Omens on Amazon Prime took over everyone’s hearts. Or at least, it definitely took won my heart over. Then I decided to read the book as well. What was the book like? Did I like it more than the TV show?

Good Omens, written by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, is a story of an angel Aziraphale and a demon Crowley, who want to stop Armageddon. Since it’s a moment that’s supposed to begin a war between heaven and hell, it’s pretty ironic, isn’t it? Aziraphale and Crowley quickly found their place on the list of my favourite book characters. They are just perfect, quirky, funny, and they are the main element of the story that makes it amusing. The story is going in a fast pace so you don’t get bored by long descriptions and you don’t get lost in the plot. I also love the whole theme of the book. There is animosity between heaven and hell, but on one hand, there are Aziraphale and Crowley trying to stop Armageddon, and on the other hand, there is heaven and hell doing everything they can to make it happen so they can begin a war with each other. It just shows that if people have the same interest, they can work with each other to achieve it. The downside is, that the motive of those actions doesn’t always have to be good. But it also shows, that if you care enough, you can always try to come up with an alternative to ‘what is right’.

I have to admit that I didn’t really enjoy reading about the children in the book. I can’t really explain why Adam Young and his friends were so hard for me to read, but the way their characters were written, wasn’t gripping enough for me. However, I really enjoyed the storyline of the witch Anathema. She brought more magic to the story and for me she was the wise character of the book. Even though Aziraphale and Crowley are charming, Anathema acts more as an adult.

And can we just talk about the end of Armageddon? I have to say that I was quite disappointed because it all ended up so quickly and I think that Gaiman and Pratchett could make it a bit more complicated for Adam Young and his friends to make riders of the Apocalypse go away. It all seemed too easy, which kind of makes sense as Adam and his friends are still children. It just keeps bugging me how easy and quick it was.

I also have to mention the Good Omens show on Amazon Prime. Did I like it more than a book? I would say yes. But I have only one reason that isn’t related to how the book was written at all. I have a soft spot for David Tennant and Michael Sheen. I loved the chemistry they had on the screen and for me, their approach to these characters moved the show to another level. At the same time, I must say that there really isn’t anything wrong about the book. For me, it’s the first book I’ve read by Neil Gaiman or Terry Pratchett, so I don’t really have anything to compare this story to. But I can say that it definitely made me curious about other books written by these brilliant writers.

I began to write this review some time ago, way before all this pandemic and lockdown happened, and finished it only recently. I wasn’t really sure if I should publish it, because to me, it almost seems like the Armageddon is happening right now. War, famine, pollution, death. It’s just tragic what is happening in the world right now. I’m in the different country than my family and I don’t know when I’ll see them again. And staying in home most of the time on my own makes me sad. But if all of us do our bit, it will be soon okay, right? Anyway, I went ahead and published this review because it really is a lovely story that shows, that every cloud has its silver lining. And I believe that it will all get better soon.

If you like the review or know someone who might enjoy it, share it if you can, please. And in few days, I’ll be back with few tips on what to do so you don’t go crazy in quarantine.

Thank you and stay safe and healthy. (Another part of my writing I need to work on, right?)


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